FISMA finally getting an overhaul?

Eight years later it looks like FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) might get some teeth!  Is this the work of the new CISSP in cheif?  The CIO of the Federal government said ““Significant issues have hindered the federal government’s effectiveness in cybersecurity” siting a “culture of compliance” as a main factor leading to lack of any solidarity between government agencies and the public sector.

The key to this update, called H.R.4900 – Federal Information Security Amendments Act of 2010 is that it uses REAL TIME monitoring rather than an audit, which shows compliance only at a point in time.  Prepping for an audit based certification encourages exactly that.  The push to be ready for that one place in time.  Monitoring based certification pushes the enterprise or entitiy to constantly update the security posture.

Trying out the Android Word Press client

Seems like a great, easy to use, intuitive app. I am having q hard time finding things I /can’t/ do on this thing!

Microsoft offers a sandbox!

If you wondered Microsoft’s stand on Virtualization and early access to new products, wonder no longer.  It looks like MS is giving virtualized access to it’s new wares, by way of  the “Proof of Concept Jumpstart Kit (version 1.0)”.  It is just that, from the looks, a sandbox of new MS goodness for your playing enjoyment.  Redmond Report has a full write up here. Or better yet, grab it yourself here and comment on it below!

Welcome to the NEW Intensified!

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